Azail Gysseannia

Azail is a bard and acolyte of Lathander. Educated at the Spires of the Morning, a temple for Lathander in Waterdeep, he tries to use his music and magic to bring hope and aid to those in need.


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Lathander’s clergy are well-known for their constant strive to bring hope to those in need, and they value arts and music as one of the many ways to aid in this goal. Azail, a young half-elf born and raised in Waterdeep, is the adopted and only child from a wealthy and prestigious elven family, the Gysseannia.

His parents, being followers of the Morninglord, dreamed of having their son to become a Dawnbringer as soon as they received the news of a half-elf child abandoned at the front doors of the Spires of the Morning. Having shown a lot of interest and talent for arts and music since an early age, probably due to the context in which he was raised, Azail was educated under the religious traditions at the temple and had a bard tutor hired by his parents to teach him songcraft, as even the local priests envisioned his talents being used to lighten the burdens of those who sought solace at the temple.

Azail dreams of making his parents proud and proving to be worth of the title of dawnbringer, always giving his best in everything he does and seeking self-betterment. Recently, he has been taken under the tutorship of Dawnlady Dortia Goldfist, who appreciated his dedication to his studies and decided to teach him some of her skills as a cleric, in addition to his education at the temple.

Azail Gysseannia

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